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We deliver focused solutions using our vast experience in targeted areas.


Improve your patient outcomes, reduce costs, and decrease variability.

We help healthcare organizations make data their most valuable asset. We use automated routine clinical quality measurement, reporting, and machine learning for clinical decision support and population health management.

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Grow your aftermarket sales program.

Using our decades of experience in manufacturing, we’ve helped companies, large and small, develop and grow their aftermarket sales programs.

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Maximize the ROI on every marketing dollar you spend.

We help marketers with a limited budget target the right consumers at the right time with the right offer. It’s key to converting sales and minimizing acquisition cost.

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Membership Organizations

Retain your members and increase lifetime value.

Our advanced multi-model predictive analytics platform allows targeted treatment of each member in your organization. These solutions can  improve member engagement, lower churn risk, and increase lifetime value.

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Learn what your customers want and uncover why and when they buy.

We help retailers  better understand their customers through customer profiling and segmentation strategies, pricing and margin optimization techniques, and customer lifetime value algorithms.

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