OneMagnify acquires Splash Analytics, creating new growth opportunities by further investing in predictive analytics and data science solutions.


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Sports & Entertainment

Bringing all your data together in one place, so decisions can be made, actions can be taken and value can be gained

Powering the business of sports and entertainment.

Sports and entertainment organizations, like most industries, are constantly having to do more with fewer resources. That’s why it is critical to leverage your data to target efforts in the areas that will provide the greatest gains. Our data scientists and event analytics platform can help you.

Our platform uses predictive modeling and interactive visualizations to help sports teams and venue managers make better-informed decisions regarding ticket pricing, purchase, and renewal efforts, marketing campaigns, customer engagement tactics, concessions and merchandising operations.

This is not just a software platform. With Splash, you get our team of highly skilled data science experts who help you craft a customized solution that will give you a focused view of your untapped revenue opportunities and drive measurable results.

Bringing it all together.

It starts with pulling your organization’s data sets together into one platform, either through direct access or extractions from your existing CRM and other internal/external tools you use. Our platform does not disrupt any current platforms or tools you are using. We then combine your information with external data such as secondary market pricing, weather forecasts, demographics, opponent performance, etc. Then, our experts apply advanced analytics tools and custom models to bring you valuable insights, predictions, and recommended actions regarding ticket pricing, targeted marketing activities, event staffing, and much more for upcoming events

Making sense of it.

Having data is only valuable if you know what to do with it.  We know how to transform data into solutions and strategies that will drive measurable results using statistically sound analysis and predictive modeling techniques.  We take both a customer and seat approach to the analysis we do. That is, we focus on identifying what is important about your existing and potential customers’ behaviors and their propensities to attend, spend, renew, engage, etc.  And, we dive into what the individual seat and section of the arena/stadium/theater represents to you in actual and potential value. By providing recommendations on ticket pricing, forecasts on concessions and merchandising spend, high potential buyer targets, arrival time analysis and more, all at an individual seat level, you are able to gain insights into the true value of each seat and an understanding of how to reap the benefits.

Serving it up.

Our web based interactive platform provides an essential interface to your data that presents insights and recommendations all the way down to an individual seat level. This allows you to quickly see the opportunities that exist and the actions to take to optimize demand ticket pricing, improve attendance, target sales and marketing activities, increase concessions sales, arbitrage the secondary ticket market, track promotional impacts, and much more.