OneMagnify acquires Splash Analytics, creating new growth opportunities by further investing in predictive analytics and data science solutions.


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Data Pattern Recognition

Recognizing the patterns hidden in your data is key to unlocking solutions.

Identifying the patterns that exist within your data can greatly impact your business strategies.

To better understand your customers, you should utilize a scientific approach to classification and segmentation. At Splash, we employ advanced statistical and machine learning classification techniques to identify the key determinants of human behavior. However, understanding the forces behind past actions can only get you so far. We pair classification with robust segmentation methods to enable precise, targeted marketing for your business.

In addition to discovering the social structures hidden in data, we take a scientific approach to analyzing purchasing patterns and consumer behavior. We employ association rule learning techniques and affinity analyses to develop cross-selling and up-selling campaigns that achieve maximum ROI. We use natural language processing and computational linguistics algorithms to determine brand sentiment, customer loyalty, and customer engagement from a variety of data sources.

How will this approach help me solve my business challenges?

With Splash, you can expect more than just receiving your data back in a different format. We use techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks, Kohonen Maps, Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis, and Expectation Maximization to discover hidden patterns in your data. We then present our findings to you in an effective, understandable manner that will help shape operational or marketing strategies. We will also apply our decades of operational and marketing experience to help you use what we uncover and devise a comprehensive campaign to solve your particular business challenges and achieve your business goals.