OneMagnify acquires Splash Analytics, creating new growth opportunities by further investing in predictive analytics and data science solutions.


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It’s not enough to capture a customer's data. You have to use it.

Start putting your data to use.

Most retailers have massive amounts of intelligence about their customers. Our expertly tailored solutions make that information work for you.

Find the right data.

We help retailers seize a competitive advantage by sifting through their massive transactional and behavioral databases to pinpoint the key factors that will positively impact the bottom line. Then, we craft actionable strategies that focus on the profit opportunities.

Through predictive modeling we identify a consumers’ likelihood to purchase, spend more, repeat purchase, and more.

By building consumer profiles, we understand who the consumers are and how to cluster and segment them so that you can provide offers, products, and services that meet their specific needs.

Identify patterns and trends.

Using advanced analytics techniques, we identify subtle patterns in the data that help predict shifts in buying trends and consumer behaviors. With this information, you can more effectively introduce new products and offerings, adjust inventories, optimize store layouts, and develop marketing material and websites.
We also help you determine the most effective price points by designing and analyzing price elasticity tests. From those, we offer pricing recommendations that meet strategic financial objectives that can range from maximizing short term profit to increasing revenue to improving customer lifetime value.

We also help clients determine the most effective price point by designing and analyzing price elasticity tests. From those, we can provide pricing recommendations that meet strategic financial objectives, whether they be maximizing short term profit, revenue, lifetime value or all of the above.

It’s not enough to gather data. You need the tools to manipulate it, the expertise to interpret it, and the acumen to apply it.

Harvesting value from data. It’s what we do every day.