OneMagnify acquires Splash Analytics, creating new growth opportunities by further investing in predictive analytics and data science solutions.


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Data is driving marketing today more than ever before.

We’re┬ábehind the curtain of many leading research, advertising, and marketing services agencies.

Splash Analytics is the authority in aftermarket programs and has delivered quality results to a number of leading research, marketing, and advertising agencies and departments.

Our expertise in applying advanced modeling techniques allows us to develop successful marketing strategies that help agencies to meet their goals. We are committed to excellence and provide agencies the direct and white label support their clients need.

Typical marketing analytics engagements involve:

  • Customer profiling
  • Segmentation and cluster analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Key driver, geospatial, and lead value analysis
  • Price optimization and elasticity testing
  • Data visualization and dashboarding
  • Multivariate test design
  • Principal component analysis
  • Marketing ROI forecasting

When you partner with Splash, you get the diverse experience and collective knowledge of our entire team.