OneMagnify acquires Splash Analytics, creating new growth opportunities by further investing in predictive analytics and data science solutions.


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Risk Analytics

Reducing your risk has never been easier.

Verify the quality of your transactions.

While much of our focus is on growing your business, maximizing profit, and creating a competitive advantage, we also provide solutions to help you protect your business.

Organizations process millions of transactions every day. While most of these transactions are legitimate, a growing number are fraudulent and must be addressed. Using machine learning and other pattern recognition techniques, we can pinpoint areas of concern, identifying and flagging fraudulent transactions that might otherwise go undetected.

Retain both your customers and employees.

You spend countless hours and dollars to acquire new customers and hire new employees, but it can often be a challenge to keep them. To combat this, we have developed several different techniques that help our clients retain their valued assets. One such case involved predicting the likelihood of an employee leaving an organization, a solution that delivered a 35% improvement in retention rate. We have also developed a predictive model that identifies the likelihood of a customer or member leaving an organization as well as the associated lifetime value loss, driving prioritization and targeting of intervention efforts.

Protect your assets.

No one wants to believe that their product might break. Just in case, purchasing an extended warranty can be a great investment. For insurance providers and the underwriters of those policies, understanding when claims will occur, how often they will occur, and how much each claim will cost are all crucial pieces of information. When these pieces are missing, they do not know how to properly price their policies and fund reserves, steps that protect both the consumer and their company. We have years of experience helping insurance companies and self-underwritten retailers and manufacturers design, price, market, and execute extended warranty programs. Using advanced analytics and predictive modeling, we answer those critical claims risk questions and use that knowledge to adjust key levers within the program, ensuring a sound and profitable foundation.

Identify healthcare risks.

Healthcare data is one of the richest dataset you will ever see. Putting that data to work to predict and quantify risk related incidents can not only improve patient outcomes but can provide a major competitive advantage for hospitals, insurance providers, practitioners, and Accountable Care Organizations. At Splash, we have developed and deployed advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive models that can identify risks such as chronic conditions prevalence, 30 day readmittance, and high utilization.