OneMagnify acquires Splash Analytics, creating new growth opportunities by further investing in predictive analytics and data science solutions.


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Membership Organizations

Data analytics benefits you and your members.

Organizations succeed or fail based on their ability to acquire, engage, and retain members.

Organizations increasingly have limited resources. That’s why it is critical to leverage your data and deploy advanced analytics to prioritize and target your efforts in the areas that will provide the greatest gains.

We’ve helped many of the largest chambers of commerce in the U.S. and several health and fitness organizations better understand how to allocate their resources. Through member profiling and marketing segmentation, we develop strategies that increase their current member engagement, retention, and lifetime value. In addition, our clients have increased new member acquisition and win-back rates.

Learn our process.

It all starts with assimilating your organization’s data, either through direct access to your member management software or extracting data from external sources. We have worked with many of the top member management software platforms in the industry and can quickly acquire all the data we need to get started. Next is a detailed assessment of the available data to make sure the quality, volume, and required information is available to build successful predictive models. Then, we transform your data and build multiple predictive models, each with a different purpose. One model focuses on attrition risk, one focuses on win-back, and a third model highlights new member acquisition. In addition, we develop an algorithm to assess each current and recently churned member’s engagement level and potential lifetime value.

Discover your priorities.

After assigning a model propensity score along with a potential value to each current and prospective member, we prioritize marketing efforts and develop targeted strategies that fit within an organization’s capabilities. We can clearly distinguish high attrition risk, high value members from low risk, low value members. Similarly, we can identify high value opportunities such as highly engaged, high value members or those highly likely to become a member or be won back.

We present our results back to you in a visual and clearly understandable way. Additionally, we assist in loading all the newly derived information about each member back into your member management tool so that your marketing and sales staff can be self-sufficient going forward with targeted, impactful strategies. Our analysis is proven to yield measurable results and significant return on investment when implemented.